Sewing Courses Pretoria

Part-Time 24 HOUR (over the duration of 4 to 8 weeks) sewing and Pattern making courses 2021

All Sewing Courses are R2800

All Patternmaking Courses are R3200

Please Contact us for the scheduled days and times of upcoming courses:

Classes will be once or twice a week and each class consists out of 3 hours.
(8 classes in total)
The maximum capacity is 6 students per class, so please register to avoid disappointment.

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Sewing dressmaking courses in Pretoria

Please see a short description of our courses below:

4 Week- Introduction to dressmaking course

In this course you will learn the basics of sewing, and creating garments. If you have the skill of sewing, making and creating your own clothes, it means that you’ll never again arrive at an event and see someone else in the same outfit.

There is no sense of greater satisfaction than holding your head up high while saying ” I made this”, when asked where you’re beautiful unique clothes came from. Sewing your own things allows you to have exactly what you want; you are not limited to in-store clothing.

If you are a very creative person, re-cycling old clothes is a brilliant idea. Once you are nifty with a needle, you could transform your wardrobe over and over without ever really needing to buy more than a few basic items.

4 Week- Advance dressmaking course

Being able to sew at a more advanced level is empowering, entering a stage where you can understand commercial patterns on your own, make an expensive looking garment on your own, and learning to solve sewing problems on your own, is all highly satisfying.

The secret to clothes looking good is fit. In this course you will learn exactly that, how to alter your pattern to get the best fit for your body type and shape. If it’s inexpensive but you’ve tailored it to fit you perfectly then you’ll look fabulous, however if it’s expensive but doesn’t fit, then you’ll look less than your best.